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Howdy there – looking to get your hands on some stellar porn games? Well, we might just be able to help! See, our team doesn't actually produce anything locally, but we sure know how to get in touch with the best game developers in the world so we can put together a place like Patreon Adult Games for you. The concept here is relatively simple: we provide you access to the very best XXX titles straight from Patreon. Lots of these games are gated behind a paywall, meaning that you have to subscribe if you want to get any action – pretty rough stuff! We've also heard horror stories of some developers taking months, if not years to give our patches and updates while they reap a bunch of cash from the $5-10 donations per month – nasty stuff. Well, the underlying premise here at Patreon Adult Games is that instead of you taking that risk, we do it on your behalf! We officially declare that our community is the number one space online right now if you're looking for Patreon porn gaming. Don't believe us? Well, sign up and see for yourself! You'll be amazed at the steps we take to keep things hot, juicy and yeah – you'll be blowing your load in no time at all. Learn more by reading down below, or simply create your account now and access dozens of premium Patreon games – so damn cool!

Get free access today

We've put a lot of effort into ensuring that people who visit Patreon Adult Games get what they want: great XXX gaming. This typically comes at a cost for a lot of titles, which is why I'm so happy to report to you that signing up here is completely free of charge. Yes, I know – you're supposed to pay in order to get these incredible games, but we've negotiated special revenue sharing deals with various developers out there that allows us to give you the game for free and allows them to profit as a result. We take on the financial burden and yeah – as we develop this platform, we'll add various ways for us to recoup our investment. Just know that this will never come with a requirement from you to cough up cash: it's 100% free for anyone to join and it always will be. We're determined to show the adult gaming world that you don't need to charge people in order to make a buck in this business. Sure, there may be a few teething issues, but given the extreme lack of porn games out there, we think that it's the smartest decision to go for. Chances are that Patreon Adult Games will soon spring up on the top lists of every website and gaming reviewer soon – okay, wishful thinking, but you've got to aim high, right?

Great array of releases

Part of what makes Patreon Adult Games different is that we do not actually create any games ourselves – at least, not yet. The premise here is that we pay others who have already created (or are creating games) to provide them on our platform. It's a win-win situation, since the end user gets a great selection of games and each producer gets access to a bunch of cash that they can use to continue development. We initially intended to create our own games on Patreon and maybe one day we will, but we figured that this was a viable alternative that allowed us to give rapid expansion to both the supply and demand of various sex games on Patreon. Now you might be wondering: what versions do we get of the games? Short answer: the full ones, and then some! See, Patreon subscribers can sometimes come across issues where certain themes and topics get banned – incest, for example. What's so great about our platform is that you can play all of these games as they were intended to be played – full action with everything the developer expected to have happen. No censorship, no bullshit: just the full gaming experience delivered straight to your computer. Oh, and another thing – access here is unlike anything you've ever seen!

Browser-based gaming bliss

A lot of the Patreon games you'll find out there have to be downloaded: the simple reason being that Patreon itself will not host porn games on its own server for you to play on a day-to-day basis. Their short sight is our gain: we host them for you, but not as a download – as a direct browser game. That's right: so long as you have access to Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you'll be able to play everything that we have. This also means that mobile devices can enjoy the Patreon titles, although we must admit – most of them aren't tailored toward mobile gamers, so accessibility and navigation might be a bit difficult. One of the future plans we have is to put together a mini collection of mobile-friendly sex games from Patreon providers, but that's something way off into the future, so don't hold your breath if you're on an iPhone on Android – we're not going to offer you a next generation porn gaming experience!

Much more to come

Patreon Adult Games has a bunch of things in the pipeline that will increase our mediation between various gaming producers and those who demand products: the most important of which is negotiating for more games to be added to our database. We currently have 40 releases, but we want to make this 60 within the next few months. Please be aware that we hand pick every title and don't suffer fools: if your game sucks, it won't be listed here. The team respects the integrity of the fans' demands and we won't give them trash when they're hunting for treasure.

So friend – has everything I've said so far interested you? Do you want to take your porn gaming experience to the next frontier? Create your free account and get started, then: this opportunity is a once in a lifetime adventure that you absolutely cannot live without! Take care, happy gaming and of course, happy fapping to boot! Peace.

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